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La Sortie has made a commitment to support women who have experienced sexual exploitation.

HELP 24/7: +1 514 923 7255

HELP 24/7: +1 514 923 7255


Admission, evaluation, guidance: Access to services or personalized references according to your needs.

Housing: A room including meals and ameneties.

Medical Care: Assessment and follow-up by a nurse.

Individual Follow-up: Support in your steps toward leaving the sex industry.

Thematic Workshops: Training sessions on various subjects to promote your personal growth.

Social Integration: Practcal activities that will develop your social skills.


Provide intervention and accommodation services geared at encouraging social reintegration.

Offer public awareness activities related to communicating the reality of sexual exploitation.

Offer prevention activities for individuals at risk of sexual exploitation.

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activités d'intervention​
activités de sensibilisation
activités de prévention​



Enable every victim of sexual exploitation to improve their quality of life by helping them become aware of the strength that comes with having freedom, exercising will power as well as recognizing one’s full potential.


Provide women with an environment where they are respected and valued, regardless of their background. In addition, encouraging them to respect themselves by helping them establish healthy mindsets towards themselves, valuing their emotions and opinions, while learning how to reclaiming their bodies.



Prioritize the safety of women by offering them shelter and guaranteed confidentiality, as well as dealing with the anticipated consequences of the physical or psychological abuse they may have suffered from.


To be a reference for the general public, as well as for people who are victims of sexual exploitation by offering them a real way out.


We might think that there is nothing wrong with purchasing sex. After all, I’m paying her, it’s the oldest job in the world and she’s willing to do it. Otherwise, she would be doing something else.


purchasing sex is wrong: real people, real testimonies

I live in Montreal and am a victim of exploitation who has used hard drugs such as crack.

I am currently on methadone; I have been off of opiates for years.

I‘ve slept on the streets too many times, but today my pride and priority is the 5 1/2 apartment that my fiancé and I have.

This is our palace.

I also go by the name “Legal Tender” as a singer, abolitionist, activist and social entrepreneur.

It is not easy to come out of sexual exploitation when we don’t have anyone around telling is that we are better than that, to remind us that we have abilities and strengths outside of offering sexual services to men.

I am a survivor of human trafficking.

I started in prostitution because I lacked the money to meet the needs of my children and me.