La Sortie will always need YOU !
Thank you for the involvement
you demonstrate when you become a volunteer

La Sortie will always need people willing to invest their time and talents in different ways. When you become a volunteer, your time investment brings a lot to survivors of sexual exploitation. Take advantage and share your unique skills !

Use your skills: You want to get involved, but you can not commit to the long term? You can still make a difference. If you have a special talent or if you simply want to make yourself available to serve where there is a need, La Sortie would be delighted to contact you.

Examples of talents sought: Intervention, graphic design, advertising, video editing, translation, catering, servers and divers for special events or promotional events, etc.

Being in touch with victims: Once clinical activities have begun, a system of sponsorship will be set up to provide help and support to young women. La Sortie will need godmothers in order to facilitate the social reintegration of young women. Godmothers can help clients in many different ways.