Discover what are the benefits to join as an ambassador



  • To be part of a community of people with a heart to touch lives and impact society through the help and support given by La Sortie
  • New personal networking opportunities, business partnership and platforms to build new connections and relationships; learning from each other. collaborating, motivating and inspiring
  • Allowing your experience with La Sortie to serve as an opportunity for further personal development and enhancing, expanding of interpersonal skills
  • Being creative and adventurous with your ideas of how to support, promote and be a catalyst for change… in whatever capacity you are comfortable with
  • Standing out and being that person who actively contributes to your community allowing your skills, passion and involvement in such volunteer opportunities to build your resume


The ambassador presents La Sortie through personal projects through the raising of funds. This is done by raising specific amounts of money, for example, $100, $500 $1000 or another amount and aims to achieve this goal through varying projects and challenges.

This may be done through creative and innovative ideas, for example sporting activities, talents etc. Use your imagination! The intention of these projects is to interest and invite friends and community to give to the cause. It is important that the project be clearly explained through presentations and/or pamphlets along with the vision, and mission of this organization.

Project idea for the ambassador :

  • How about running a marathon to collect money for La Sortie having a fixed goal that you would like to reach (like $600)?
  • Why not get creative and attract the interest and attention of your supporters and set a challenge for yourself like agreeing to jump in ice cold water once you have reached your objective?
  • Do you enjoy baking? Why not cook up a storm, a meal or snacks, and sell them to raise funds for La Sortie.
  • How about doing something extraordinarily crazy once you have reached your objective? Would you dye your hair fluorescent green? This is a great way to instill curiosity and raise awareness.

Tip : The more creative you are the more attention your fundraising campaign will receive. This way you will be more likely to get more supporters!.

Stick to your word !

It is important to fulfill your promise to those who are backing and supporting you. Document your successes with a short video or photo that you can share with those that are cheering you on!