This total was raised the 17th of November during its 3rd annual gala.

Montréal: November 21, 2018 – La Sortie’s annual gala was held in the Crystal’s reception hall, located at 5285 Boulevard Henri-Bourassa in Ville Saint-Laurent. 210 people were present for cocktails, a gourmet meal and an evening of music and dancing thanks to Xo Production’s DJ. The $250 price tag for each ticket will help fund the operation of the safe house in the Vaudreuil area, which opened on September 1st. Laurence Latreillle was the keynote speaker and she shared her perspective on sexual exploitation in light of her performance in TVA’s television series, Fugueuse. Actress and host Marlyne Barrett was also a guest of honor at the event. Testimonies of several survivors were also shared.

The Safe House: It’s about time!

La Sortie’s house is the only existing centre that provides support to victims of sexual exploitation in the Montréal area, which is why all 5 beds were filled within just 2 weeks following its September 1st opening. The primary goal is to provide the victims with a safe environment in order to help them reintegrate into society and through the developing of skills and change of lifestyle, allowing these victims to regain their autonomy and freedom. Women aged 18-35 that have suffered the evil of human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation finally have a Way Out. This 24/7 service is available all year round. La Sortie supports each resident through various care programs according to her individual needs in order to facilitate their progress towards a successful reintegration into society.

Support: A major need!

Support services have been available as of April 2016 and La Sortie has worked with 40 survivors of exploitation, 21 loved ones of victims and works with around 100 women who are at risk of sexual exploitation. Consequently, the centre reached full capacity within a couple months and now seeks recurring funding. In light of this, on November 9th, La Sortie submitted a request for eligibility to the Community Organization Support Program to obtain recurring funding for the organization’s global mission. And although support services receive key financial aid from the Department of Justice Canada, it is not a recurring form of support and will come to an end in July 2019.

Knowing that in Montréal alone, over 4000 girls and boys aged 12 to 25 are sexually exploited1 and that 78% of women that have worked in the sex industry claim to have experienced mental health issues2 such as post-traumatic stress disorder, therapeutic help is needed for the restoration of thousands of victims. La Sortie responds to an urgent need, because of its 4000 (underestimated), 89% want a way out3. Therefore, La Sortie intends to offer more services in order to meet the need.

About La Sortie

Founded in 2013, La Sortie’s mission is to offer help and support to victims of sexual exploitation in Quebec. Ultimately, the goal is to provide them with a way out from a criminal and destructive environment while offering the hope of building a promising future. La Sortie meets victims’ specific needs such as housing, health services and support relationships in order to facilitate their efforts towards the social reintegration of these victims. For more information, visit

Source : La Sortie
Ronald Lepage, Director

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