School: getting back to go forward!

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Back to school

Back to school: In regards to our intervention activities and our residence, we are pleased to announce that one of the survivors has decided to go back to school and enroll full-time in a marketing course that is sponsored by the École des entrepreneurs du Québec. We are grateful for this partnership and congratulate the survivor for signing up for this course!

School plays an important role in the journey to freedom!

Something new is coming....

Following the upheavals of the past few months and due to the health measures that our society has had to adhere to, our team has made the decision to cancel our annual fundraising gala that normally takes place every year during the Fall.

Instead, we have recently chosen to focus our efforts on creating a live, online event that will allow us to celebrate the successes of our past year and to raise funds to finance our activities. Our team is currently putting together the details of this online get-together function and will, by September, be able to provide more information regarding this event.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for our mission and activities. We wish you all a great summer!

― The team at La Sortie


Social Reintegration: A Look at the Factors of Education, School and Lifestyle

“Once they understand the role that education and school play in their journey to freedom, we help them choose a program that really interests them and encourage them to push through when difficulties arise .” Read more…


ADN Online School Web Marketing Training for our Communications Team​

One of our new partners, ADN, is offering SEO training for our communications staff. This will facilitate and improve web searches for victims that will easily lead them to our services.


YouTube Channel

We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will be posting more awareness videos.
Check out the channel…


Gardening at the Residence

This summer, the garden in the backyard of the residence is in full bloom! Thanks to our intervention staff at the residence for organizing and coordinating these gardening activities for the girls to enjoy!

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