For most Quebecers, the Summer season is usually synonymous with the idea of going on vacation. It is considered the peak season for restaurants, bars and for all those working in the tourism and entertainment sectors. With our great weather and active city, the lively patios are usually beaming with crowds making just a typical, mundane summer day perk up with delight. In the company of our loved ones, these summer moments bring a smile to our faces, fill us with happiness and under the summer heat, cause a healthy, sun kissed countenance. In the festive summer buzz of our city, things wouldn’t be complete without sitting down at a terrace and ordering a good beer, a lychee martini, a glass of Chardonnay, you name it …

Although we, at The Way Out, do not believe that the sex industry is considered to be a sector of the entertainment industry, we can safely correlate the two in saying that both seek to fulfil the interests of a particular audience, the former however, through means of criminal activity. Those that purchase sex either don’t realize it or consciously dismiss the fact that, through their engagement in the act of paying for “a good time”, they are participating in and contributing to slavery. Unfortunately the low costs for which buyers can purchase sex , don’t take into account the high price that a victim of sexual exploitation pays, through currencies of trauma and wounded self worth.

An increase in demand for prostitution

Notably, the sex industry responds to the summer season in the same way as the entertainment industry does. Generally, an increase in demand for prostitution, erotic massages and contact dancing is at its highest between May and September. This rise in demand, typical of the summer months, is driven by the surge in abounding tourism as clientele varies from local, Canadian and international.

During this marked peek in activity that is typical of the summer months, women as well as girl victims of sexual exploitation are imposed upon to maximize the profits. Those that are accustomed to prostitution know the drill : they’ll need to serve as many clients as possible thus generating as much income as possible before the fast approaching ferocious arrival of the winter cold. For those that are new in the industry, it is but a temporary lucrative experience provided for by a pimp. It is no surprise that an imminent economic recession is forecasted and has already affected the many businesses whose doors have been closed for months due to the lockdown. Unfortunately, it is not only the businesses that may need to endure the pain of the pandemic. These women victims, whether new or accustomed, are expected to experience one of the darkest upcoming winter seasons.

We are receiving more calls for help

At present, more reports of sexual exploitation have come in. In addition, we are currently receiving more and more calls for help. Following the quarantine, there has been an increase in domestic violence, leaving victims overwrought and looking for a way out. If you are seeking for help and need support, we remind you that our team at The Way Out is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the summer, even during the holidays.
You are not a form of entertainment: you are a human being with dignity and self worth. We believe and know that you can regain your identity and become self-sufficient outside of the sex industry.