Introduction: Why this report?

Victims and survivors of prostitution have to live with significant post-traumatic stress. Their needs are numerous and resources are insufficient, particularly in housing. Access to safe housing that is adapted to the needs of these people remains a fundamental issue.

In addition, a growing number of organizations, such as La Sortie, are demonstrating their desire to provide housing services for women who want to leave the sex industry or who are active in this field. A better understanding of housing needs and preferences will help target services more effectively.

In an effort to improve the services offered to victims of sexual exploitation, The Way Out applied for and was awarded a grant by Public Safety Canada in order for us to conduct a study that would allow for a better understanding of housing needs and to develop intervention models for such clientele in Quebec. This study meets the research objective within the framework of The Way Out’s project, called Horizon.

Mourani-Criminologie is a criminology firm based in Quebec. It offers various services, including research. In October 2017, we commissioned it to carry out a study on the housing needs of people wanting to leave the sex industry, and with the results, to develop housing intervention models.

This report is therefore the result of the research. It is divided into different sections: the first part addresses the existing knowledge about women in the sex industry and the process of leaving; the second part describes the steps of the research process; the third part reveals and discusses the results; and the last part concludes with proposals for housing intervention models.
[Adapted from the introduction of the complete report from Mourani-Criminologie]

You will find the report’s highlight on this website. The full version of more than 140 pages is available for download here.